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  • About me

    Born in 1992, Shao Hua grew up reading National Geographic magazines and watching nature documentaries on TV all the time, and took up photography when he was 17. He loves landscapes and animal photography, but sometimes also delves into abstract and architecture photography. Currently a science student in NUS, hence the bad science pun in the title. In his free time, he watches anime and plays video games, listens to Kalafina, volunteers at the local dog shelter,hangs out with friends, goes out to shoot or just lies in bed wondering what he should eat for his next meal. Also previously the vice-president of the Photographic Society of NUS (NUSPS). And also likes referring to himself in the third person.


    Dream job would be to be a wildlife photographer for National Geographic, which is still a faraway dream. Nat Geo, if you are reading this, drop me a job offer please?


    Updates on my life

    Will post about my life occasionally in Instagram, usually in the form of food or old photos. You have been warned. 


    Doesn't have a lot of my face. Nor a lot of books. 

    Most of my photos go to Facebook, so if you know me, then just drop me a friend request. If not... you can try stalking me. 


    To make things more personal

    If you have small event coverages to be done, do feel free to drop me a message @ +65 98571513. No guarantees that I will be able to take the assignment though.


    A small fish in a big pond

    Another photography website that I upload to occasionally, feel free to check out the photos by me and other very talented photographers around the world.

    Adopt a dog!

    Helping one life at a time.

    Since this is my personal site and I can do whatever I want, if you are interested in volunteering or adopting a dog in Singapore come check out our SOSD page! 


    More about the Photographic Society of NUS

    Established back in 1969, the Photographic Society of NUS has brought together countless numbers of photography enthusiasts in NUS, and also reaching out to the general public to promote the love of photography. Find out more about us!

  • Event Coverage/ Projects

    If you need a photographer for small to medium sized events.

    Event coverage

    Help a poor student earn some pocket money, won't you?

    I have about 7 years of simple event coverage experience, ranging from small birthday parties and restaurant events to medium size indoor concerts and sports events. Charges range from about $50 - $100 per hour, depending on the type of event and also the duration. Includes post processing of photographs. Contact me for more details or to discuss, either via mail or whatsapp. Event coverage will depend on my personal schedule as well.

    Photography Projects

    Because I don't have enough projects in University.

    If you are thinking of collaborating with me, do drop me an email! I'm more likely to take nature and landscape related projects though. 

    Photo Usage

    "B...but it's just a photo!"

    All my photos are free to use for personal usage. BUT please contact me before saving my photograph and I can send you the original resolution, and also remember to credit me in whatever you use it for. Not that I can eat credits, but it helps in the long run y'know?


    For commercial use, please purchase it through the 500.px marketplace, or contact me directly. (Via the "Mail me!" button at the side.



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    Got any comments? Leave them here! 

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